# Changelog

# March 21, 2023 LATEST

  • Performance improvements with loading operations & playbooks.
  • Users can now hide the Overall Coverage Summary and Overall Coverage Summary by Tactic charts on the Workspace.
  • Multiple bug fixes and UX improvements.

# February 20, 2023

  • Advanced Filtering is now supported in the Workspace view. Users can now filter the TTP Coverage table by Threat Actor, Tools and Malware, Tactic, Coverage, Tested Status, and Playbooks.
  • Fixed multiple bugs when scheduling an operation.
  • Updated the Jump Back In link on the Homepage to redirect to the last viewed operation.
  • User can now edit Agents directly from the Homepage without being redirected to the Agents page.
  • When clicking on an operation menu item, the last viewed operation will now be selected.
  • Users can now edit an operation from the operations grid.
  • Multiple bug fixes and UX improvements.

# February 7, 2023

  • Fixed a bug in which the Timeline Dashboard was not properly scoped.
  • Added the number of tested procedures to the Homepage for each operation.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Heatmap calculations were not being calculated correctly.
  • Operations dropdown is now toggleable at all times.
  • Added additional loading indicators and improved loading times in multiple areas of the platform.
  • Multiple bug fixes and UX improvements.

# January 23, 2023

  • Platform url updated to bas.netspi.com
  • Added Last Run column to the Workspace grid.
  • Added letter grouping to Tagging tree view.
  • Workspace now shows a count of untested vs tested procedures.
  • Workspace table now shows whether the procedure is automated or manual.
  • Untested count and statistics has been added to the Heatmap.
  • Procedures now support descriptions.
  • Multiple bug fixes and UX improvements.

# January 10, 2023

  • Rebrand and terminology improvements.
  • A new status, Untested, has been added to the platform. A user can now set the status to untested as well as view untested statistics within the platform.
  • Removed the ability to run an Operation from the Playbooks page.
  • Tags now display links to their references.
  • Multiple bug fixes.

# December 12, 2022

  • Complete redesign and overhaul of platform's UX.
  • New Homepage to streamline workflow.
  • New Workspace - Display attack path metrics, benchmark with the peer comparison chart, record activity logs and more in a single, simplified screen.
  • New Timeline Dashboard - Track and trend your security posture over time to show detective control effectiveness and simplify reporting.
  • New Heatmap Dashboard - Visualize your organizational risk with this comprehensive Mitre ATT&CK matrix of tactics, techniques, and procedures.
  • CVS & JSON Format Exporting - Export results in CSV or JSON formats to expedite remediation.